"Test sockets for camera modules are SDK's core business"


Activities in Test Sockets at SDK Co., Ltd.

A number of tests are carried out prior to semiconductor completion. We divide these tests into those performed at the front end prior to the dicing of silicon wafers, and a final test conducted at the back end on the packaged finished products.
SDK mainly manufactures test sockets for completed ICs in the back end, which are used in a final test. In particular, we focus on the product development of test sockets for modules, where ICs are modularized for installation in final products such as smartphones and vehicles.
Since each module is designed according to a final product, they come in many different shapes. A higher degree of contact is required when designing a test socket for a module in an extremely complicated shape compared to when designing for ICs alone. We also have to take extra care so as not to break any of the tested items. The design process thus involves different challenges from those faced when designing a general IC socket.
Our production system is established based on accurate socket designs and is capable of meeting a mass production schedule set by the customer. This means we do not keep our customers waiting.
Our core products comprise test sockets for the camera modules installed in smartphones and vehicles.