Socket for power transistor C-Series

C-Series Bus bar type

C-Series Bus bar type

In recent years, things with high withstand voltage and large current, such as using SiC as material,
have been actively developed in the power semiconductor industry, but there has been no socket that satisfies the required specification.
SDK can provide sockets that satisfy the required specification, even are used at high temperature.
C-Series is the socket that its target package is TO package.
Depending on heat resistance temperature, combination of resin and terminals can be changed. Resin use PEEK and PPS/Terminal use material SUS and BeCu.

Lead terminal shape has two types, Board Mounting Type(DIP) and Bus bar connect type.
We will propose the most suitable Jigs based on the environment.
It is possible to support the high temperature high humidity bias test.
Example:1200V/max、leak current under 100mA


Specification outline

Specification outline
Conforming PKG 3Cores(TO-220/TO-3P/TO247), 4Cores(TO247) and so on.
Durability 10,000 times (by our test method)
contact resistance below 20m ohm (initial)
Rated current 30A MAX(25℃)
insulation resistance over 500M ohm
Withstand voltage DC 5KV MAX (200℃)
Range of using temperature -55℃ ~ +220℃

Sockets for Power Device

It is a test socket correspond to power devices such as IGBT and current sensor.
As the demand for large currents is increasing further in the future, we are focusing on the field of power electronics.
We can provide various custom designs in order to improve heat dissipation of the device such as fixed clamp type and screw type.
It is possible to manufacture sockets that correspond to high current of 100 A or more by using low resistance material.
Design proposals for test Jigs are also available upon request.


C046 (for 3 terminals)
*For 4 terminals is under development

C046 Product Features
1) Dedicated sockets developed for power devices evaluation.
2) Easy handling
・DUT can be detached with a single screwdriver.
・Main unit can be mounted with general-purpose M3 screws.
3) PEEK material is being used to handle high temperatures and high currents.
4) Pre-drilled holes in bus bars for easy wiring.
5) This can be variously used for development, reliability test, quality control, and mass production.