Privacy Policy

SDK Co., Ltd. (hereafter called "SDK" is protecting the customers' personal information, paying strict attention to handle customers' information.)

1. Basic Rule for Privacy Policy

  1. For business, we collect, use and offer the appropriate personal information regarding the nature of business and its size.
  2. SDK makes a rules and plans to prevent illegal access to private information, loss, destruction, modification or leak of it, and those risk.
  3. SDK strictly follows the law and other regulations related to privacy protection.

2. Receiving Personal Information

SDK will disclose or publish the purpose in advance or immediately afterward, when SDK receives the personal information.

3. Use of Personal Information

  1. SDK may use personal information of the customers which acquired legally, for the following purposes.

    • To inform the customers of our services and products
    • To deliver the customers our sample products
    • To deliver the awards of our customer campaign
    • To react to the inquiries, comments or offers from the customers
    • To react to the inquiries later, from the customers who gave us questions, comments or offers
    • To conduct a survey for the inquiries, comments or offers
    • To select the candidate
  2. Any change in those purposes will be informed or published.

4. Maintenance and Protection of Personal Information

  1. SDK will strictly manage the personal information receiving from the customers. SDK will conduct essential and appropriate safety measure to prevent loss, destruction, illegal leak to outside, modification and illegal access. SDK will not disclose the information to the third party expect for the following cases.

    • Disclose or submit request based on the law
    • To protect human life, body, or asset, and difficult to get permission in advance from the customer
    • To help conduct legal administration by the nation's organization or local public organization or their agent, and getting permission from the customers may possibly obstruct it.
    • When the disclosure to the third party with customer's permission is not required by the privacy law.
  2. SDK may disclose the personal information to its sales agent. (Sales agent is an external company who has business relationship with SDK.)

    • Cases when SDK disclose personal information to its sales agent
    • SDK may disclose personal information to the customer's nearest sales agent or the agent already in business with the customer in the following cases. The sales agent uses the information to inform or deliver our products.
    • Items of personal information

      Items of personal information to be disclosed to the sales agent are as follows: Company name, address, name, phone number

    • Method to disclose personal information to the sales agent

      SDK will disclose those personal information to the sales agent by phone, fax or email.

    • Suspension of disclosing to the sales agent

      As soon as requested by the customers, SDK will suspend disclosing to the sales agent

5. About an Inquiry of the Personal Information

SDK may keep the personal information from the customers for the following purposes. For any questions, please contact the following number.

1. Personal information of the customers who had inquiries, comments or offer
Purposes To react to the inquiries later, from the customers who gave us questions, comments or offers
To conduct a survey for the inquiries, comments or offers
2. Personal information to be received at hiring
Purposes to select the candidate
3. Personal information of left employees
Purposes to issue certificate of employment, if required

Contact:TEL 045-392-9937045-392-9937 / +81-45-392-9937+81-45-392-9937 (from outside of Japan)

6. Disclosure, Modification or Suspension of Personal Information

To request disclosure, modification or suspension of the personal informations, please get the form from us and fill in, and send it to SDK at the address on the website, with your identification with name and current address such as photo copy of driver's license, health insurance, passport or residence registration. SDK will either disclose, modify or suspend the personal information based on the law, or if not, will inform you of the reason.

7. Outsourcing

SDK may outsource the administration of the personal information. In this case, SDK will outsource it to a reliable company who is keeping and handling personal information in an appropriate way, admitted by SDK.

8. Access Log

By clicking a particular URL on SDK website, the record of it is loged on the system controlled by SDK. The information is used mainly to analyse the access number to our website, and does not specify the customer in individual.

9. Modification of the Privacy Policy

SDK is constantly update the privacy policy and improve it, in which case SDK will modify this privacy policy.